Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis and treatment in India

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Due to an increase in stressful life, 40-50% of men of all age groups in developed countries are currently suffering from ED. Although, choosing an ED treatment can be your personal decision; we will help you choose the right treatment with a scientific foundation that is safe, natural, and doesn’t impact your quality of life.

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    Why consider us for treating Erectile Dysfunction?

    With years of research, technical expertise, and better scientific understanding, we are rightly focused to explore various underlying mechanisms leading to ED. This has further allowed us to offer the body’s repairing tools at their best quality, to bring in the positive changes in progressively deteriorating tissues. Previous clinical studies have demonstrated great health outcome that has been vetoed by many of our previous clients; who have been happy with this alternative treatment approach.

    What is Erectile Dysfunction? Can it be cured?

    Erectile dysfunction is a common aging male’s disease; while the largest proportion of the same is suffering from vascular ED. Vascular ED is characterized by oxidative stress damage, leading to a shortage of oxygenated blood supply; which can lead to tissue ischemia and progressive aggravation of Erectile Dysfunction. We have developed a unique technology to coax cellular communication that helps in less production of reactive oxygen species further reducing tissue degeneration. Based on previous studies, it can be proposed that anti-oxidation significantly helps in reversing tissue damage due to which, patients can undergo an asymptomatic reversal of ED.

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    What are the advantages of undergoing alternative treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

    We have gathered sufficient data suggesting an association of vascular forms of ED in the majority of the cases, reported so far. While suggesting the underlying cause of illness, researchers are primarily pinpointing the generation of free radicles, ischemic blockages due to atherosclerosis, and other associated illnesses to be responsible for a vascular form of Erectile dysfunction.

    • 60-70% of patients have reported symptomatic reversal of illness within 6 months of treatment.
    • 50-60% of the patients have reported being able to engage in spontaneous sexual intercourse.
    • 30-40% of the patients have reported good psychosocial status.
    • 40-50% of the patients have reported better spontaneous erection for a limited period.
    • 10-15% of the patients have reported complete reversal of indication with a happy family.
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    What do We do?

    With our years of research and technical expertise, we offer a range of alternative treatment programs that are made personalized as per an individual’s body demand, like extent of dysfunction, cause of dysfunction, family history, etc. Studies have indicated that cellular communication is propagated through exosomes which are referred to as a particular language understood by cells. In the case of ED; these exosomes if manipulated minimally can reduce the production of reactive oxygen species, that are identified to be responsible for ischemic blockages in the organs. With the advent of alternative treatment options, many new patients have reported complete reversal of indications.

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    It provides a higher concentration of oxygen delivered in a chamber with higher atmospheric pressure.


    Physiotherapy may include Kegal Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and help in the treatment of ED.

    Psychological counseling

    Psychological therapy can help in overcoming the concerns about erectile dysfunction and sexual performances

    Nutritional Management

    Certain nutritional modifications and lifestyle changes have been found to be helpful in combating ED

    Penile stimulation

    Penile stimulation is a process that requires no aesthetics and can be effective in managing ED.

    Restorative treatments

    Restorative Treatments like PRP assists in stimulating penile blood vessels and hence, combating ED

    External supportive devices

    These devices are used to maintain the rigidity of the penis and no surgical interventions are needed.


    Medications are the first line of treatment for ED. It helps in increasing blood flow and getting an erection in ED patients.

    Here is How Real People found a Solution for their ED

    I was diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction at the age of 20. My confidence went down to zero. I tried some medicines but they really didn’t work out for me. After dealing with ED for years. I got to know about this treatment. I decided to undergo the alternative treatment for ED. this treatment has worked like a miracle for me. I have observed a visible improvement in my condition and I can perform sexually better than before.


    I am a healthy person with a great physique. My life was fine until one day I realized that I am unable to get an erection. This happened at the age of 34. My life was devastated and I felt miserable. I tried various treatments to overcome my erectile dysfunction but nothing was in my favour. One day while searching for treatments, I got to know about this alternative treatment for ED. My life has changed since then, I am able to get firm erections now and can perform sexually.


    I am a 31 years old person and I have battled with ED most of my life. I am sexually active since I was 18 but it was really hard for me to maintain an erection. I tried every medicine but it didn’t work out for me. The medicines were ineffective. I got to know about the alternative treatment for ED through a friend. I underwent the treatment and my life has changed since then. I feel like my problem has been reversed after the treatment. I can perform sexually now without any issues.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Studies have primarily pinpointed stress to be the leading cause of erectile dysfunction. Apart from unnecessary stress, the chances of ED can be aggravated due to multiple other reasons like smoking, chronic health conditions particularly diabetes and/or heart disease, sedentary job, injuries, drug or alcohol abuse, etc. Some studies have also suggested genetic factors to be responsible for such conditions.
    Various steroidal medicines and supportive treatment options are available in conventional medical approach. There are also evidences of number of patients turning towards ayurveda or homeopathy solutions. However, it should be noted that these options are temporary and not a permanent solution to the problem. While understanding underlying disease pathophysiology, researchers have suggested that 80-90% of the cases, currently suffering with erectile dysfunction are due to vascular obstruction of oxygenated blood from penis towards the brain that stops brain stimulation responsible for secretion of pleasure hormone and erection. By going through this scientific foundation, studies have suggested possible use of various tools present in our body itself; to promote reduction in the production of free radicals responsible for vascular obstruction. Clinical studies have confirmed reversal of indication in almost 20-30% of the cases.
    As a regulatory obligation, each individual has to be informed about the details of the procedure before enrolment; and the same is documented with the help of informed consent. Once the person shows interest in alternative treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, he is counselled by our specialists on the panel to understand his medical history, current health status, and his future expectations from the treatment. Once a patient gets to agree to undergo treatment with this novel approach, he or has to undergo certain pre-procedural tests to assess his/her inclusion criteria for the treatment. Once he gets qualified, he will be ready for the alternative treatment protocol for ED. We have mastered the technology, wherein we use customized cellular communication language to promote the production of new cells and reduce the aging of mature brain cells. A person is also advised of various supportive rehabilitation programs as mentioned herewith.
    Our years of research and science as well as medical expertise have supported us to offer advanced technology that has reported good improvements in clinical studies. The statistical analysis conducted has shown a 50-60% improvement in the active involvement of sexual activities, while 80-90% of the people have reported reduced severity of the symptomatic exhibition, post-treatment.
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